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If you answer yes to any of the questions below, then your child will immensely benefit from therapy.

  • Is your child struggling at school or home?

  • Are they refusing to let you in and share what is going on?

  • Are you seeing a shift in your child’s demeanor?

  • Has there been a shift within the family dynamics and the family is struggling to cope with the change?

  • Would you like to learn parenting skills that will aide in strengthening your relationship with your child?

  • Is your child in a gang?

  • Does your child have an open case, on probation, or have a PINS?

  • Does your child present with low self-esteem?

  • Does your child engage in self-injurious behaviors?

  • Does your child use substances?

  • Did your child struggle with adjusting to the pandemic? 

  • Does your child struggle with socializing with others?

  • Is your child experiencing bullying at school?

  • Has your child experienced a traumatic event and is not able to cope with it?

  • Does your child have an IEP and need additional support outside of school? 

  • Do you want to be proactive and get your child started in therapy just because?

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