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Recovery: A Lifetime Commitment

September is Recovery and Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

Recovery Month aims to bring public awareness to individuals who are seeking or currently receiving help for mental health and/or substance use treatment.

The recovery process is person centered and requires a lifetime commitment. The recovery process also requires the individual's support system to commit as well as where there is community, there is strength.

There are different approaches to recovery such as: peer supported recovery (AA/NA/Al-Anon-Meetings); treatment- assisted recovery (medication management/ inpatient & outpatient facilities); faith-based recovery; and natural-based recovery (overcame their struggles on their own).

A person's recovery process is an unique journey in which it cannot be compared to another's nor given a timeframe.

If you know someone who needs professional help, you can utilize the following resource to identify treatment facilities within your neighborhood:

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month aims to bring awareness to the #988Lifeline which is available and easily accessible to help everyone. When a person dials 988, they will be immediately connected with a trained crisis counselor.

When assessing for suicide risk, a counselor reviews the individual's treatment history, previous suicide attempts, history of self-injurious behaviors, risk factors, protective factors, activating events, suicidal ideation, intent, and method/plan.

Please share this information with your friends, colleagues, and family.

Be sure to educate your children on the difference between 988 and 911.




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